The decision of how to feed your baby can be complex and not an easy one to make. This course will take you through the benefits of both formula feeding and breastfeeding. The physiology of breastfeeding will be fully explored so that you fully understand what is happening.

Hi, I’m Louise. I am a Midwife and a Mum and I have both formula fed and breast fed my children.

I strongly believe that both feeding options should be fully supported and prepared for. This course will give you a wealth of information on both options and how to mix the two together. The breastfeeding section fully explains the physiology of breastfeeding so you are able to differentiate between natural process and problems that may need intervention. I hope you enjoy the course and that you remember to get in touch if you have any questions.

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A great start for breastfeeding preparation, what it is and when and how to do it.

Don't forget you can get in touch through Instagrams @honestmidwife with any questions you have regarding breastfeeding

What are the guidelines regarding how to make up bottles and how is the industry regulated. Everything you need to know.